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Ensuring your child receives the care and attention vital to their growth

As your toddler grows older and spends more time interacting with others in Chicago, Seeds of Joy will be there to help guide their development, encourage positive social habits, and teach them the basics of independent thought.

The years spent as a toddler in Chicago will be some of the most important and formative of your child’s life. For exactly that reason, Seeds of Joy wants to help by ensuring that their journey into exploring the world around them is complete with professional chaperones that make sure they’re both given the freedom to learn as well as the resources needed to excel.

Our space at Seeds of Joy has been designed with your toddler in mind. Sharp edges are nonexistent, and shelving is reachable for even the littlest of arms. At our innovative facility, your toddler will be able to explore and learn to their heart’s content.

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